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After six years of ghost writing, sales writing, editing, proofreading, and blogging, I decided to publish my first book. I didn’t think about the market or whether or not my story would make a best seller. I knew the world of writing, and I knew what He’d told me to write. Because I was lucky enough to be surrounded by editors, proofreaders, designers, and all around creative thinkers — and because I had a blogging readership of a few thousand people — simply starting my own publishing company seemed like the natural thing to do. Whatever is Lovely Publications was born, and 31 Days to Lovely was published in the summer of 2012.

By fall 2012, I’d begun work on my second book. I’d also received my first outside manuscript. By the time I finished editing and publishing Renee Stein’s Everything Old is New Again: A Jewish Midwife’s Look at Pregnancy and the Feasts of Israel, my life had completely changed. Overnight, Whatever is Lovely Publications had become a messianic press (and our readership had grown significantly smaller).

Some authors craft their words in pursuit of wealth and fame. At Whatever is Lovely  Publications, we believe that the true title of “author” belongs to those who would change the world through their stories. If you’re looking for a team of people who will stand behind your vision and see that your words reflect the fullness of your calling, you’ve come to the right place — that’s why we exist. We are not a traditional publishing house, and we will never take a percentage of your royalties. We’re simply here to help you as you change minds, affect lives, and proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom to the far-reaching corners of the world.


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