Oct 312013
Work on the Sabbath?  Oh, no I just di'nt!

Divine Pedicure for Calloused Feet anyone? As calloused as my feet are I’ve never been able to walk with ease without a covering under them.  They are extremely tender and I can hardly stand to abide by somebody else’s “house rules” of taking my shoes off before entering.  I don’t think I’d live life in China very happily.  (I better watch what I say or HE might send me there someday!) My feet aren’t calloused due to walking barefoot all the time (obviously); they are that way because of the dry climate that I live in – and not enough [...]

Oct 302013
Puttin' on the Hands and Feet!

Within the past year my husband and I have been encouraged by the Lord to be, specifically, the “hands and feet” of Jesus.  What exactly that was suppose to look like, we did not know.  Recently, as in the past two weeks, He has shown us through several avenues (such as divine appointments and His Word) where this handsing and feeting is suppose to take place.  Therefore, “the Davis’ are moving!“ to a Children’s Home in New Mexico to minister to children as house parents.  ”House parenting” means that children will be living with us in a house that will be [...]

Oct 152013

I would say a weed killer for that would be to write and say the opposite truth statement and pray that the Lord would plant the truth in your heart. When we write or say something, it plants something in our minds, even if it’s wrong, even if we know it’s wrong when we say it.  So I believe it’s important to ”cancel it out” with a truth statement. This is where I believe that the positive affirmation popular line of thought holds a grain of truth. Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. And our words [...]

Oct 042013

Joshua 24:15 “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” This verse is on our living room wall, in big, bold vinyl letters that my dear Mother In Law made for me for a gift.  You gotta love when people know exactly what will touch your heart and make your breath catch in your throat, because it’s what you have truly wanted. I will start with a little background, all the stuff that doesn’t matter much except that I love a backstory. When I met my husband, Marty, he was working at Lids, a baseball cap store [...]

Oct 022013

About year ago I started counting 1,000 gifts from Yahweh.  Last week I got to 500. If you have ever read Ann Voskamp’s blog, you are already familiar with this concept… this searching out of His blessings, big and small, and writing them down, in order to turn the heart toward Elohim (God) when our world gets dark. Recently, it was one of those days (or maybe more than one) in which I barely felt human, definitely smelled of baby spit-up and sweat, and struggled to display any semblance of any one of the fruits of the Spirit. Hi. I’m [...]

Oct 012013
My Life Makes Sense?!  I Hope Not!

In the ancient days there were numerous occurrences of God’s people moving and pitching their tents in one place or the other.  Why? Because God said so. Before the complaining Israelites moved around the wilderness for forty years there was Jacob.  Before Jacob, there was Isaac.  Before Isaac, his father, Abraham, was called on a journey – one that future generations will never forget. In Genesis chapter 12 I read that Abraham moved 4 different times.  Browsing through chapter 13 I find that he took up his tent several more times – “he went from place to place until he [...]

Sep 282013
Stupid Faith

“When Jacob approached the holy spot on which he’d met God all those years before, he sent his wives and children across the stream ahead of him. Jacob stayed back to wrestle with the God who had kept His promise and brought him back home. He sought the fullness of the God of his grandfather, and he was desperate enough to suffer even excruciating pain to find Him. That willingness brought them face to face with only darkness as a veil between them.  In a moment of sheer desperation, brazen audacity, Jacob grabbed hold of holiness. Despite every muscle screaming [...]