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Across the globe, Christian parents struggle to teach their children age appropriate truths before the world presents its side of the story. “The sex talk” is a prime example of this battle. Parents worry over revealing sensitive adult information too soon—only to find out they’ve waited too long. Don’t let this happen to you! For Christians, “the birds and the bees” is not just a lesson in human biology but is the revelation of truths sacred to our faith. A Marriage, a Mystery, and Me takes the fear and guesswork out of this crucial conversation. Allow A Marriage, a Mystery, and Me to open the doors of communication in your home. 

Artfully illustrated, “A Marriage, a Mystery, and Me” is also the perfect wedding and baby shower gift!


A Marriage, a Mystery, and Me



Below are two upbeat but accurate versions of “the talk” to be paired with A Marriage, a Mystery, and Me. Please feel free to use them as a template, or sit down and watch them with your children. We hope they will serve to relieve some uneasiness and to facilitate communication in your home.


Philosophy and Q & A

I never planned to write about sex, at least not in a way that was intended for children’s ears. But when conveying this great mystery of marriage to my children, there was an underlying excitement that, frankly, made me want that same experience for every parent and child. I’ve heard horror stories of kids shutting down, girls avoiding their fathers, and boys avoiding their mothers after “the talk.” Sadly, there will be cases where early and unwanted sexual contact has made the conversation much more difficult. When dealing with healthy and happy children, though, the talk should be a breeze…  (continue reading)




Check out this adorable video that was made by fans of Whatever is Lovely Publications!

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