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Q & A


Q: What is the Torah?

A: The term Torah is used to refer to the first five books in your Bible (also called the Pentateuch). That’s right! You already own a copy of the Torah!


Q: Who is Yeshua?

A: We call Him Jesus, but that’s not a Hebrew name. When the angel came to Mary (Miriam) and announced the birth of her son, he told her to name Him Yeshua (Hebrew for Salvation or Deliverer).


Q: Why did you name the book Yeshua’s (Jesus’s) Torah?

A: We believe that the Father and the Son are one; as James said, we truly believe there is ONE Lawgiver who is able to save. That’s our Yeshua, and He is the Word of God. The Father’s laws and the Son’s laws are the same.


Q: I don’t keep the “Old Testament Laws.” Does this book’s audience exclude me and my family?

A: We hope not. We haven’t added our own doctrine to the text; we’ve simply summarized what is written in Genesis through Deuteronomy and pointed out places in the “New Testament” where the same concepts are repeated or expounded upon.

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